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Our corporate clients benefit greatly from the increased productivity, efficiency and control that our free Corporate fax to email services afford them. Our solutions for the corporate environment include:

  • An internet based administration back-end
  • Effortless storage and archiving of faxed material for an indefinite period
  • The ability to administer and manage fax numbers
  • Receiving incoming faxes free of charge
  • Absolutely no setup or management fees
  • The ability to assign an individual fax number to each employee
  • Forwarding of faxes to any email address or fax number in the world
  • Maintaining the same fax numbers even if the company should relocate
  • Direct saving on fax machine rentals and maintenance, as well as paper, ink and toner
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of documents and correspondence
  • A consistently available service

Registering your entire company for our free fax to email services is as simple as filling out a form, giving you the power to supply every employee with an individual fax number absolutely free of charge.

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