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Free Fax to Email from South Africa’s Leading Provider

Tired of the long queues to get to the fax machine? Over having to wait for one colleague to finish sending or receiving a fax before getting access to an open line? Sending and receiving faxes the traditional way is notoriously inefficient and frustrating. Free fax to email technology has revolutionised the way the world’s businesses and professionals communicate.

Fax to email technology makes it convenient and affordable to send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world. At last, there is no more need to hover over a fax machine waiting for a confirmation report. With 24-hour access, you are no longer bound to your desk or to office hours. It’s the corporate communications revolution that the world has been waiting for, shouldn’t your business be benefitting from it too?

Corporate Fax to Email

There is no limit to the number of fax to email accounts that a business can have. Whether you run a small office with only a few employees or a national company with thousands of professionals, you can easily provide each employee with their dedicated free fax to email account.

FaxFX is a Green and eco-friendly company dedicated to making available the incredible benefits of free fax to email communications to South African businesses, professionals and consumers. Our fax solutions are cost-effective and up to date, and through our many years’ experience in the sector we have grown to become a leader in our industry. Our company is proud to be a pioneer in the email to fax market.

Mobile Fax 2 Email

You can now send and receive faxes using any mobile device with an Internet connection. This is a significant achievement, as it means that you are no longer tied down to a fax machine. Whether you’re in the air, on the road or on a business trip, your faxes follow you wherever you go. Now you can harness the power of email combined with the cutting edge innovation that free fax to email technology brings to the corporate communications market.

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